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Competition Skank! Competion Skank! Competition Skank!

Last Saturday was the Westheimer Street Festival here in Houston which is like a buffet of local acts for any music fan. While I’d hoped to at least catch a few bands, my 8-year-old hard drive (which I had planned on replacing in April) had other ideas. Thus my afternoon was spent rescuing data […]


Week 22: Calle 13

A Culebra y Vieques.

This song was recorded and released free on the internet by Calle 13 three or four days after the death of Filiberto Ojeda Rios, leader of Los Macheteros. Although Ojeda Rios led a revolutionary life since his youth in the 50s, he is best known as the mastermind behind the […]

Весна священная for punk rockers…

…and for people who aren’t used to this 78°F weather in New York City we’ve just experienced. If you are a classical music buff, please don’t read this, as I will inevitably trivialize this piece of music for you. I can appreciate the Rite of Spring without being […]

It Came On A Spring’s Evening

It’s the same old hole. The same twenty or so faces are milling about. I do my best to hide in the back row, all the while hoping that no one will talk to me.

I get my wish.

As the last band clears the stage I come forth ready to set up. I […]

We interrupt life…Damon O’Banion

Damon O’Banion, a long time Houston punk player and organizer, passed on last Friday and far too early for such a bright light. I was not really in his circle but I knew him going back to our earliest experiences with live music. He was a charismatic intelligent and creative person who could cross […]

out of tune

I don’t have the finest ear for tuning. I remember seeing some local band in Houston, who I can’t remember, that I liked well enough, and I turned to my friend Dave, who opined that the singer was flat. I couldn’t tell.

I’m not sure if my ears have become more sensitized of […]

NAPcast XI is Posted, you Bastards!

Click on the play list to go to the embedded player, or use the link on the right margin of this blog.

Last week’s NTT was “Chase” from the Midnight Express soundtrack performed by Giorgio Moroder. (Hope I pronounced it right, though I probably butchered it.) The song was provided by Mr. […]

Reviews – Part Chimp * Graustark * Forgotten Guitars of Mozambique * Kristin Hersh * Derek Bailey * Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends * Townes Van Zandt

I figured that once a month or so it may not be a bad idea to just simply do some good old fashioned record reviews. I’m figuring on the week I do this I’ll tackle seven reviews – basically writing one a day. By now, you know me enough to know that you’ll likely […]