Yes… I fucking know. It’s “Every rose has its thorn”. I’m sick. What do you want from me?

Thanks to all the guest hosts the past four weeks. It was a nice break and I enjoyed seeing what you guys came up with. Sorry this one is a bit late. It’s kind of hectic around here.

I hope you like this cast. Are there any ballads you think should have been on this one?

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23 thoughts on “NAPCAST 60”

  1. I think just about every Aerosmith album was contractually obligated to have one power ballad on it, so you could just go through those… usually the power ballad was the last one on the album, so I know there’s at least “Home Tonight” (from Rocks) and “You See Me Crying” (from Toys in the Attic). But honestly, I’m kind of glad those weren’t on there. 🙂

  2. I’m going to listen to this right now, so I can make sure it’s clean enough to show the guy in the cube next to me who listens to hair metal all day. Aside from that little fact I kind of like the guy so I want to see what Jim “the Dealer” Jones has in store for him first.

    Looks good too. I’m in the mood.

    You missed Sister Christian – Night Ranger and Bed of Roses – Bon Jovi. Why do I always remember the ones with the creepy Catholic references? Damn my upbringing.

  3. Oh and Charlie – no Aerosmith but they did put Dio covering Aerosmith on there.

    Enjoying this btw.

  4. Yeah, I saw that! I can’t wait to hear what RJD is going to do to “Dream On”. Wait, I meant WITH. What’s he going to do WITH it. Why did I say “to”? I don’t know. But I bet I do.

  5. Watch Ramon counter with his own podcast of nothing but twee girl-pop songs. Which I kind of hope he will, in case I am ever in need of an emetic.

    BTW Claire, you missed Dokken. Thank God.

  6. Dude, why you gotta be hatin’ in the twee pop. Me and John Sears are gonna have to kick yr henie! 🙂

    But honestly I couldn’t make it thorugh this podcast which I suspect was the intention.

    That said there should be an all metal podcast.

  7. I saw Dokken when they opened for Aerosmith! That was one of my first concerts, in I think 1987. Dokken SUCKED. Or rather, I should say Dokken Sukked.

  8. Ramon,

    These songs are on this podcast because they fucking rule. If we didn’t want you to listen to it, we would have filled it with Julian Lennon, The Bangles, The Sundays, Sufjan Stevens, The Mountain Goats, The Spinns, Random unnamable electronic acts from Berlin, or Pavement.

    What do you think of the bearded doppelgänger?

  9. nice one.

    The Scorpions … every time I got to my weed dealer’s apt, he give me an (expired) backstage Scorpions pass. Like a souvenir. I guess he has a collection.

  10. Also.. We did consider some Dokken and it all sucked.

    And we looked at Sister Christian, Open Arms, Cheap Trick, Winger’s “Heading for A heartache”, Lita Ford and Ozzy, “I Warrant’s “Heaven”… all pretty terrible. For some reason, we had Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity” to use- but fucked up… Also, “I believe in you” by Twisted Sister which was a good one.

    There’s some pops in there on the DJ recordings when he’s calling the random winner because I don’t have any panty hose laying around to serve as a pop screen…

    So, next week’s theme ideas?

    One vote for metal. (any genre)?

  11. Claire bearded dude rules;

    But sorry but you know and I know that metal ballads are weaksauce.

  12. i think encountering the term “cum pudding” is something i’ll be ok doing only once in my life.

  13. Not me, I’m using that term every day of my life from here on out. And that’s no bowl of cum pudding, my friends. No, it’s not.

  14. omg.

    google it, and watch the video in the food fetish blog.

    i’ll never look at snack packs the same way again.

    thanks alot you guys.

  15. Claire,

    Bollocks! I’ll put up Deer Tick against every and any metal ballad and the poser metal ballads will weep and scurry away like the contrived corporate gutter rats they are.

    (tag, you’re it!)

  16. I think Matt’s last post means two votes for Metal – one specifically for 80’s Speed Metal.


    Iron Maiden is on the road again btw.

  17. The Carpenters had the first power ballad. How’s that for useless trivia

    Wynette Rodriguez

  18. Sure Claire. In 1972, Richard decided to reinvent the power ballad, and was arguably the creator of pop ballads with electric guitar solos. “Goodbye to Love”, written by Carpenter and Bettis can actually be qualified as the first power ballad.

    Like I said, it’s useless trivia. I really dig the Carpenters, though.

    Wynette Rodriguez

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