Show of Hands

Ask me… …to sing you a children’s song.

…to post something related to this week’s project oriented theme.

…to upload a work-in-process track.

…to shut up.

Ask you… …Are you a Home Recorder? If so, can I give you a project?

…How’s my driving?

…Does […]

Standing on the Shoulders of Dwarves

“That which you love should own your entire being. There should be nothing left of you once your heart has done its work.”

It humors me to throw my writing at a proverbial wall every single week here in the NAP and see what sticks. I cant try and spill my guts, or wax […]

you can’t piss on hospitality.

0. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. This post is unconscionably long, so I urge you not to miss either of the very recently posted items that I’m pushing miles away from the top of the page, Cherry Blossom’s latest, fawesome post or this week’s podcast. And of course Charlie Naked’s not quite as recent but still […]

craigslist band

tonight i had an idea for a craigslist band wherein the band would be forced to comply with the following rules:

1. for any given rehearsal or gig, the band could only use gear and instruments purchased on craigslist from ads on a single day in a single city2. each month the band would […]


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Naked Process Music

When I was asked to do this Saturday’s NAP post, I was in the middle of putting together some sound design for the play “One Flea Spare”, currently being produced by the Houston independent theatre company Mildred’s Umbrella, so I didn’t really give it much thought. I just said “sure, I’ll do it” and […]

Distraction Tactic

I’ve thought about it for about an hour now and I’ve decided that I don’t have anything to say this week.  I really don’t want to talk about music, so maybe we can just vote on fonts.  Which do you like best? Arial Courier Georgia Lucida Grande Times Trebuchet Verdana Webdings I have been […]

Week 78: The Ballad Of Stayed and Gone 8

Sometimes it’s nice the way a project develops over a long period of time. And by project I mean the working out of particular ideas and their documentation.

As time and energy are put into it, the project begins to take a life of it’s own and to suggest it’s own development. A long […]

This is a Gift

On the night of September 21st, 1998, I drove to New Orleans to see a performance by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. On that very same night, a person who would in a decade’s time end up being the person with whom I would choose to share my future also made the drive […]

Napcast 64: The Gift

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