a long time ago, i had a big ‘fro…

i went to the barber, and i had it cut low.

it’s been a long time since i’ve posted anything here, and not sure that what i have is much better than that rhyme. well, not many things are better than a good rhyme. but still, i’m posting because this is sort of a follow up post to a previous post. in a post from July 2007 I posted some words that after lots of editing, music added, played a bunch, recorded and mixed, are now “officially” a song called Little Eyes. you can stream the song here:


Or you can download it by entering your email address, or if you dont want to get into that mailing list, either tell me and i’ll send it to you direct or i’ll take you off the mailing list after you download it.

Here’s a video of what the song sort of sounds like live, which some people might prefer.

Also, i need to get that Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell song out of my head where its been wrecking havoc for about 3 weeks now. You know the tune, right? Help me!