I’ve recently been quite into the first several Apples in Stereo albums. I had a few of them on CD-R, copied from friends, but I guess I must not have listened to them much before, or maybe I did but it never stuck for some reason. I think maybe I thought based on their reputation that they were too sunny, too pop, or was put off by their Pet Sounds worship, or something. It’s strange, because I own a CD of theirs from Darla’s Bliss Out series which I’ve always liked. Anyway, as a result of my ongoing quest to re-rip stuff I have on CD-R (but not from my crappy see-through CD-Rs of course), I’ve been listening to Tone Soul Evolution, Her Wallpaper Reverie, and The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone. Just some great stuff on there; good all the way through, and a few songs you can’t believe weren’t written before. Some tunes reminds me a bit of Kinks worship era Lilys. Some of it is a bit on the lo-fi side, and the vocals are a bit buried at times, e.g. on Silver Chain. Anyway, here are a few favorite tracks…

What’s the #

Shine a Light

Silver Chain


I Can’t Believe

Catherine Wheel is one of those bands that I totally loved, but for some reason never paid any attention to past their first two albums. Recently though I’ve finally been getting into their third album, Happy Days. Maybe I had turned away because there’s potentially a bit of a cheese or emo factor or something; it’s perhaps a bit embarrassing to like at this point, but here we are.

Judy Staring at the Sun (with Tanya Donelly)


I gave their fourth album Adam and Eve a couple spins lately too, but haven’t been able to get into that one thusfar.

Leaving the ’90s behind for a moment, I for some strange reason just assumed the band xx would be lame, and passed up a chance to see them at SXSW a few years back, but in reality it turns out they’re fairly neat, catchily sparse.



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  1. I like the AIS records you mentioned, but I’m also a big fan of the Apples first proper LP, Fun Trick Noisemaker. In addition, they have an uncharacteristically stripped-down, amped-up record that’s quite good, Velocity of Sound. I’ve not really gotten into anything after Velocity.

    1. Yeah, didn’t mean to condemn Fun Trick Noisemaker or Science Faire by exclusion, just haven’t had those on hand as of late. Will definitely have to check out Velocity of Sound

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