It’s The Song I Hate

Former Ron Paul acolyte and current Republi-tarian Eric Dondero has decided to fully eliminate all Obama supporters, left-leaners and democrats from his life. He’s excommunicating every Obama voter and shutting them down from even the smallest interaction with his personal economy. He’s encouraging others to do the same. Only by an extreme boycott of all democratic voters, he supposes, can one force others to finally see how they’re destroying the country.

Unfortunately for him, and others who hope to follow the same path, this extends to his music tastes:

I don’t listen to music by Democrats any more. I try to do some research on the political leanings of those I listen too. Oingo Boingo called themselves “libertarians” in the early 1980s. I listen to them. Neal Peart of Rush called himself an Ayn Randist couple times. I love Rush. I like pro-British patriot Frank Turner out of the UK. The Guardian did a big interview with him over the summer, and he said he was a “libertarian.” And of course, there’s always Ted Nugent, and KISS, both hardline right-libertarians. Marshall Tucker Band, Kid Rock. Did you know lead guitarist for Stealy [sic] Dan is also a rightist. The Lt. Dan Band. Madison Rising is great. Metallica and Motorhead have expressed right leanings in interviews.

Honestly, doesn’t always work. I miss sometimes. But if Springsteen or some other leftist America-hater comes on my Sirius/XM channel and I can get to the dial fast enough, I will switch it.

Elton John is a toughie. You know he leans left. But he made friends with Rush Limbaugh of all people last year. So, I give him a pass. Oh, and the Beatles had that classic “tax man.” John Lennon’s personal aide in his last few weeks of life, was interviewed last year, and said that he turned into a Reaganite in the last few months before he was killed. Isn’t that ironic?

God save the poor libertarian / Republican who tries to remain pure in his music listening. There aren’t many options available. And when you expand the pool of options beyond Rush or Ted Nugent :(, you end up grasping at any remotely plausible anecdote or sliver of justification just so you can listen to the Beatles.

Yes, all the Beatles hated Britain’s aggressively progressive tax system, so they moved to the U.S. But Lennon was probably not a closet Republican. And I have a feeling Elton John’s detente with Rush Limbaugh was related to the $1 million he was paid for the wedding gig. Still, all is not lost for the principled libertarian music fan. You may not be able to indulge Rage Against The Machine. But you can probably enjoy some Green Day or Dwight Yoakam.

2 thoughts on “It’s The Song I Hate”

  1. Motorhead? What?
    Lemmy: Mitt Romney is a “Monster”

    This knucklehead being a libertarian sure makes it easier, since there are a lot of not-that-clued-in liberals who call themselves “libertarians” but think that many of the ideas espoused by people like Dondero are repulsive.

    Edit: sorry, meant to put “libertarian” in scare quotes both times, since ascribing an ideology, however hodgepodge, to someone this crazy is iffy

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