I don’t remember where I first saw that video, but it seems like it belongs here. I’d more or less forgotten about it until a couple days ago. And then I saw this at suburban Virginia mall:

Apparently even ridiculous popular fashions spread, even if they are slightly watered down. Anyway, I thought you should know.

Kids These Days

Somehow I ended up listening to another Katy Perry song this week:

Every interaction I have with Mrs. Brand is somehow worse than the last one. This time I was not only disappointed with the formulaic pop song, which is just slightly out of her range, but I was also offended by the subject matter.

To put this in a parlance that today’s whippersnappers might understand: OMG! This is just a musical pep talk. Is this what kids are looking for in their music these days? This is like a Sesame Street self-esteem booster with tits. I guess with her duet with Elmo* being rejected by Sesame Street for said tits, Perry has decided to strike out on her own. But let’s face it, Sesame Street has far more depth than Katy Perry. And, at least at one point, was way cooler than her.

I’ve long maintained that it is the job of kids to offend the generation before them, as a way of establishing their identity. But how do you offend people that have seen it all? The answer, apparently, is to be totally incapable of offending anybody, because that’s offensive to people who expect to be offended. I mean, for fuck’s sake, does anybody think that “Fuck You” would be a popular song if it weren’t called “Fuck You”?

And yet, there are the kids of Glee singing a neutered version of it with Mrs. Martin. WTF?

* When did the production values at Sesame Street get so low? They used to have a set where something like this would have been shot, instead of the lame green screen effect.